Trang "Sushie" Ta

Born in Houston, TX

Lives & works in Seattle, WA


Trang “Sushie” Ta is a 3D digital artist, and a daughter of two Vietnamese refugees. She grew up in Gilbert, Arizona but is now a resident in Seattle, Washington.


She received her Bachelor of the Fine Arts with a focus on oil painting at Arizona State University and after moving to Washington, received her Masters in Digital Arts with a focus on Digital Sculpture at Digipen: Institute of Technology.


She shares her life with her fiance and 3 furry companions. She enjoys playing video games and cosplaying in her free time.


Follow her work on instagram @sushietaart or on artstation: https://www.artstation.com/chibling




2021 Master of the Fine Arts | Digipen: Institute of Technology

2015 Bachelor of the Fine Arts | Arizona State University


Grants & Awards 

2015 Graduated Summa Cum Laude

2014 Awarded Use of Private Art Studio

2020 Robert B. McMillen Foundation Art Scholarship


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